If you think you've found a bug, or a problem, create a topic to describe the issue, and put it in the 'Bug' category.


If you have a feature request, or an idea to make SmartOffice even better, create a topic to describe it, and put it in the 'Enhancement' category.


For items that were reported as Bugs, but could not be replicated in the lab and therefore cannot be fixed. This category also includes items which were discovered to be the result of user or operating system behaviors.


This category contains news, updates and announcements about Smart Office. Look out for new release announcements and other breaking news from Artifex


Items reported as Bugs which were corrected in a later release.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Got a tip or a trick to share for SmartOffice? This is the category you need!