07 word documents stored on google drive not available any more


During lecture, I have been creating notes for the entire semester.
I have always been clicking the save button after I write a sentence to be sure I dont forget. Now that I need my notes to write my paper and study for exams, the 07 word docx documents I created are unreadable. They cant be opened through word 2011, smart office 2 or google docs.
These are essential documents for my school semester.
It seems to be contained to the files I stored on google drive, because other files stored locally on my iPad 2 3g still work fine. And the other documents I have stored on google drive using my macbook pro 15" 2014 model are also fine.

Smart Office 2 has the latest update, the iPad has the latest update and my Office software for Mac has the latest update.
I have 11 GB free space on my google drive, and this problem is just with the documents I created through Smart Office 2 and stored on google drive.
All other documents I stored through my mac on google drive are fine, and the ones store locally on the iPad are fine.

Is there anyway to get my notes back…?
So much work is lost if not, and Im in the middle of my exam period, so the timing couldt be worse…


Hi oblivious,

Sorry to hear your having problems with the docs on Google Drive.
Could you download the problem files to your MacBook and send them to us at smartoffice-forum@artifex.com ? We can then see if we can reproduce the issue and also see if the files have become corrupted.



It`s probably a shot in the dark, as the files seem to be only a few bytes big.
But I will sendt them to you anyway, thanks for looking in to it.