Activate Smart Office 2 for Good and Authentication issue


i’m supporting my colleague to solve a problem that she can’t open attachments in GOOD for Enterprise. We are advised to use Smart Office for Good. We’ve installed Smart OFfice 2 for Good on her handset(ASUS zenfone 2: ASUS_Z00AD / Android 5.0) and received Activation Key. But it’s stucked in authencation phase more than 3hrs. If we cancel the process and re-launch smart office, activation key is still requested and the old key was expried.

We have requested key and tried for 3 times but can’t resolve this issue. Could you be able to support this case?


Hi ck_royal,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with authentication.
We have seen this issue a number of times ourselves during testing, but it is normally an issue with the communication to the Good Dynamics servers failing. We don’t actually have any control over that part of the process, and Good Dynamics normally recommend that the initial investigation on authentication issues is done through their support team. They have the ability to access logs to show what is going wrong in the communication with the servers.

I would suggest in the first instance you contact your own system admin - they should have details of the Good Dynamics support team and should be able to take it from there. Good dynamics would normally escalate the issue to us if they think there is an issue in our application.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,