Activate Smart Office for Good on Android


Support, please contact me in regards to activation issues with Smart Office 2 for Good on Android OS using Good Dynamics. I have a Good support case and have been working with them for some time on the issue, but they believe the issue is in regards to the wrapper or SDK used by Picsel for the app. They suggested that I also contact you for support, so that you can collaborate with them on the issue. The techs I have been working with at Good also cannot activate the app on their own devices, so the issue isn’t just with my Good Dynamics environment. The iOS version works fine, just not the Android version. I receive an error that the app is not recognized when it goes through activation. Additionally, the app only gives the option to activate using Good Work, but not email and token. I cannot find any contact information for your company, despite Good telling me that I should contact you directly. Thank you


Hi Rmccoy,

Sorry to hear about this - I’ve alerted one of my colleagues who will get in touch with you shortly.


Hi rmmcoy,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. I would have expected Good’s support team to contact us directly with your issue rather than you having to follow it up, but hopefully we can resolve the problem now.

The authentication is all handled by the Good SDK before our app’s code is called, so I’d like to figure out where it is failing. I presume you are using delegated authentication to GoodWork; we have tested authentication delegation with various applications (Good for Enteprise, Good Share). Are you able to try one of those applications to see if they have the same issue?

I will see if I can reproduce the problem with not being able to get to the email authentication and get back to you.



Hi rmmcoy,

I have set up a policy on our local Good Control server wih Good Work as the delegated authentication app for SmartOffice and I can authenticate SmartOffice via Good Work.

It may be useful to try to narrow down the environment - could you please let me know what model of android devices you are using, and also whether you are using a Good Dynamics hosted setup, or an in-house corporate Good Dynamics environment?
If your company hosts its own Good Dynamics servers could you check with your IT department whether they have enabled SmartOffice for you and other users please?

I’m happy for you to pass on our support email to either your in-house IT team or to the Good support team to help resolve the issue. Please use which is the SmartOffice dedicated support account.

I have also noticed on some devices that the initial authentication dialog does not show any text. I have not yet identified the cause of this, but it is actually drawing white text on a white background - I experimented a little and found that if you tap on the dialog just below the list of authentication apps (such as Good Work) there is a link to enter email/token details. Tapping the (hidden) link brings up the email/token dialog, which should at least allow you to authenticate the app for now while we try to resolve this issue.