Activation key after creating the account


What is activation key?


What the hell is access key. Any body reply please


Please see How to get Access Key for SmartOffice for Good


Hey i want 12 digit access. Key. I could not find any thing in link. Help me fast yar


Hi Saiful,

As jogu said in the last reply, I think you have downloaded “SmartOffice for Good” rather than “Smart Office”

There are 2 versions of Smart Office on the App Store and Google Play Store.
One version is the standard “Smart Office 2” for consumers.
The other version is “Smart Office for Good” - that is a secure version for large companies and requires access to their servers. If you have been told by your employer to download this version then they will also give you an access key.

You have not mentioned which platform you are using (iOS or android) but If you are just looking for the standard Smart Office, please download it from either: