Application Form Editing


I am currently trialing use of my iPad for editing office documents and currently I have a lot of job applications to fill in. I am using an external keyboard and with Smart Office this seems like an ideal alternative to using my old netbook + I want to phase out the netbook but keep going back to it as I am running into so many problems.

My problem is - whenever I open the document… all of the blank field boxes are in the correct places and work fine - as soon as I save the document… The field boxes disappear and merge into one - I have tried this several times - am starting to get bored of writing out the application again and again - any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated! Am tempted to go back to the dark side of Microsoft


Hi Apple,

Sorry you’re having problems with form filling, and thanks for reporting it!

Could you tell me which format of document you’re using (word/excel/pdf) and if possible upload a sample file for us to try to reproduce the problem?
(you can upload a document by replying to this post and clicking the ‘upload’ button in the reply box; (it’s the 7th button from the left in the reply box)