Back to default font in new line


What version of the software you are using.
Version 2.3.10
Where you bought it.
What device you are using (and what version of Android/iOS etc it is running).
Android 4.4 SGS4 mini
Step by step instructions for us to be able to reproduce the problem.

I think you make best office for android. Many thanks

But the app have the bug.
When in word I chose align right and other font size, after I click enter for new line the font size back to default.

Also after I open saved word file and edit inside some word in text , the font size always back to default.

Please advise



Hello User B.

We’ve heard about this bug outside of the forum and we’ll have a fix in the next release. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a target date at this time. We’ll alert the forum when it’s available.

Thanks for posting this for us.



Thanks for good soft and support


4 month passed from the last version. Still waiting for the next release with all bugs fixed.
Did you have a date now?


I’m sorry, but I cannot give you a date for the next release. An announcement will be made here as soon as it’s ready…


Thank you for new version.

It edit very well.
But I have a problem. I did not have internet access in my place. But the app ask every day for connect to internet for check license and if not it didn’t open. This behavior is useless for me. In older version it work without internet without problem.