Bug in xlsx: Alignment of text in top-down-orientation is not displayed


i have an xlsx-file with cells, that hold text in a top-down-direction (90 degrees clockwise). I aligned the text to be vertically top and horizontally middle. This works and displays on my iPad nicely. Howevet, when I save the file, close it and reopen it, the alignment changes to horizontally left (still 90 degree clockwise and vertically top though).
Could you fix this in the next update?


Hi Alter.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You have uncovered a bug with respect to text set at 90 degree orientation.

I used a file stored on Dropbox so I could make a series of changes in SO2 and then check the file on my desktop computer. I also did the reverse: I made changes to the file on the desktop computer and viewed them in SO2.

What I found was that SO2 does not display the horizontal alignment formats. It shows everything as right justified (for text). SO2 does correctly display the various vertical alignments: top, center and bottom.

I also found that SO2 will make and store changes both horizontally and vertically that can be viewed from Desktop Excel. SO2 will display correctly in the vertical dimension, but always displays horizontal formatting as right justified.

FYI - I found the behavior consistent with 3 devices: iPhone, iPad and Android tablet.

I’ll be making a bug report and we’ll try to make this change in the next release.

Thanks again for contacting us.

SmartOffice Support