Can not connect to box cloud


can not connect to box cloud. It was no problem till yesterday.


Hi Harry,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Is this on iOS or Android?

Do you get an error message of some kind? Or if not what exactly happens when you try to connect?




I started having the same problem today. When I first clicked on Box, I got nothing but a blank screen. I logged out hoping logging back in would fix the problem. Now it says I am Logged Out on top and on the bottom it says "You must log in to this service’.

I click on Proceed to Authentication and I get the message “Service Unavailable”. Box is working fine on its own. I just updated a file on my PC and it synced to Box.


Hi. I have developed the same problem at the same time. I have an iPhone and an iPad and neither will let me into box. After tapping the Box button, ‘proceed with authentication’ screen appears then when I tap that the message ‘service unavailable, ok’ appears. When this first happened and I opened Box l was faced with a blank screen. I logged out of Box and tried to log in but SO+ crashed so I had to reinstall it and I lost all my work which amounted to hours and I’ve had to move many documents into Google drive to use them. Hope this will soon be resolved. Many thanks.


Hi all,

We’ve reproduced this here, many thanks for all the feedback. It looks like something has changed at the Box end, I presume there must be some change we need to make to SmartOffice to make it work after their changes. I’ve logged it as a problem internally and we’ll investigate.




I’am trying to link my Box drive documents, and the smartoffice tells me to go on with the authetication, after that I receivea message that says Service is not available. “Servicio no Disponible”. Imposible to conect to BOX. What is wrong with this? can someone help me? There must be something not working good with this app.


The support Box team asked me today to uninstall and then install again Samart Office 2, in order to see it the problem could be fixed in some way, well I did this, also uninstalled Box in the Ipad, the Ipod, blablabla…etcetc. nothing! the same error. So dont try to unistall apps, lost of time. As I mentioned first they have a bug that must be solve.


Thanks, I appreciate you could have a solution ASAP, because this is where a store my working files. My solution by this moment is to use dropbox or Gdrive whith my ipad.


We’ve done some investigation, it looks like the problem started when Box changed something at their end. We’ve opened a ticket with the API support team but haven’t had any response yet.


We’ve had a response from Box. Essentially, they’ve switched off the API that SmartOffice uses to talk to Box. Unfortunately they didn’t notify us that this was going to happen. We asked if they could temporarily re-enable the API but they’ve said they can’t do this.

We need to update SmartOffice to use a new API and also a new authentication method. We’re not yet sure how much work this is.


Box seemed to have changed their position and have re-enabled SmartOffice, however they have said this is only temporary.


Thank you Jogu for all your help and support, yes I tested the link a few minutes ago and it work fine. In the other hand, I don’t understand, and i think many many other users, why Box craetes this barriers to use their product, I do not think this is a good marketing method. Thanks.


Hi all,

I have a further update on this.

Summary: To keep Box support working, you will likely need to update to the latest version of SmartOffice tomorrow.

Longer version: This is because Box are going to switch off this API again, we’ve been told at the end of tomorrow - ie. on Wednesday 7th January. They did give us some notice this time, so we’ve spent the last 2 weeks reworking Smart Office to use Box’s newer cloud API. We have iOS updates waiting for review by Apple (Apple kindly granted our request to expedite the reviews, so we hope to be able to publish the updates tomorrow), and a new Android version should hopefully also be getting submitted to Google Play tomorrow.


These releases are now available on the app store. If you rely on the Box integration, please update to the latest version of SmartOffice / SmartOffice+ (version 2.3.10) as soon as possible.