Can not view document


One of my documents on smart office 2 when opened appears to be a blank page, however i do know it is there as it tells me it is 24kb. Additionally I know it is there as when I go on my timeline i can see it as a small document when I click on it only a blank document comes up. I am using smart office 2 on a ipad2.


Sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you explain a little more. When you say “on smart office 2” do you mean one of the template documents or a document you have saved?

Also, have you tried tried viewing the file in another viewer (such as Microsoft Office). I’m thinking the file could indeed be a blank page.

If you do have a file that appears blank in Smart Office 2, but not in other viewers then we’d be very grateful for a copy so that we can analyse the fault.


i mean that it is a document that i had saved, how do i get the document onto Microsoft office?


Files can be transferred between an iPad and either a PC or Mac using iTunes.

  • Connect the iPad with a USB lead
  • Start iTunes
  • Click on the button that says iPad
  • Click on the menu item “Apps”
  • Scroll down to File Sharing
  • Click on Smart Office
    You should now be able to see a list of the documents and be able to transfer them