Cannot open plan pages


The faq acknowledges that there is a problem working with larger pdf files. The two types of files that break for me are extremely large books - and many large paper images. I originally purchased Smart Office because the pdf rendering impressed me - and it still does. For documents and “reasonable” sized books it’s wonderful. But I often work with plans and architectural drawings that use larger paper sizes and have several pages - and it’s rare I can open even a single page of this type using Smart Office and have to fall back on MuPDF (the best alternative I’ve found). Is a version expected soon that could handle these?


MuPDF is indeed a splendid piece of software - it’s also produced by Artifex!

MuPDF is a different beast than SmartOffice in that it only has to handle a smaller number of formats (PDF, XPS and some image types). It doesn’t have to do any of the layout or editing tasks that SmartOffice does. As such the requirements/restrictions on the internal handling of the formats are very different.

If you can share a problematic file with us, I’ll have a look at it to see if I can spot anything that’s taking much more memory than it should, but I can’t promise any magic bullets in the short term.