Can't access docs on SD card


Hi. I have just installed Smart Office 2 on my Android phone but I cannot work out how to open a document that is stored in a folder on the SD card. If I tap on the memory card 0 icon in the menu, and the tap on the banner at the top that is labelled Storage, I have 3 choices - The SD card, emulated and self. If I choose the SD card, the folders on the SD card are not visible.

Smart Office 2 version: 2.4.29
Phone: Motorola Moto G5
Android Version: 7.0


Hi Trakkie.

Thank you for contacting us via the forum. I’m sorry to say that Android devices treat external storage locations differently, so sometimes SmartOffice has difficulty “seeing” the SD Card.

One thing to tell you is that the “0” location, at least on the mobile devices I test with, refers to the internal storage of the device. This gives the user access to every folder and every file on the device through the SmartOffice File Explorer.

If SmartOffice can “see” your SD Card, it will likely show up as a different drive from the “0” location, possibly a “1”.

If you would like, you can send me a screen shot of your SO File Explorer and I’ll review it. I’ll send you an email message off of the forum to which you can reply.

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