Can't copy and paste outside smartoffice


When I create a .doc or .docx document then select and copy text within the document I can’t paste it tony program, e.g., Mail, outside smartoffice. I’m on and iPad but do not have this problem with any other program. Am I missing something obvious? This problem makes smartoffice useless to me.


Hi McGinty01.

You have uncovered a bug.

While the contents of the clipboard from a cut/copy from within SO2 is not available outside of SO2, the reverse is not true. You can copy/cut from outside of SO2 and paste into SO2. I observed these behaviors on several devices, with several operating systems, in Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

I’ll issue a bug report on clipboard behavior, and we’ll try to correct it for the next release. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a time estimate.

Thank you for reporting this issue.

SmartOffice Support