Can't Edit a .TXT?


It’s a fairly common practice (at least among the more geekly inclined) to open notepad to jot some quick notes, keep a running list, and otherwise use it as, well, a notepad. It’s great when formatting is unnecessary, or would even create problems. My Dropbox has many of these handy notes, containing everything from rarely used passwords to software serial numbers (that I own, legally), to my frequent flyer account numbers, and even a few moldy code snippets.

I was shocked – and I mean that – when I read that Smart Office couldn’t edit .txt files. It easily handles far more complex – and proprietary – formats, but the lowly text doc is too much? Please tell me it’s an error! (Yours or mine – I don’t care!)

This is intentionally a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s a very real issue for me, and it could prove to be a deal-breaker for this old nerd.

Thank you!


Hi Sparky. (Or should I call you Jim?) :smile:

You are correct that SO2 can read but not cannot edit a TXT file. I’m sorry you were disappointed.

We maintain a list of features to add to future releases of SO2 and this item is on the list. We are constantly reviewing, prioritizing and re-prioritizing this list, so I cannot predict when the TXT Edit function would be added to SO2.

We announce new features on this forum when new SO releases are published in the various app stores.

Thank you for using SmartOffice, and thank you for posting this item to the forum.

SmartOffice Support