Change user ID after buying it



Can I change User ID of the app? I need to do this for specific reasons after having bought the app.



Hi Ricky.

I’m not sure what you are asking. SmartOffice 2 is an app which does not require a user login or password. There is no user ID to change once you download and install.

Please let me know more about what you are trying to do. This information would be helpful:

Device (make and model)
Operating system version
SmartOffice 2 Version
App store where SO2 was obtained
If you are getting an error message, what is the text (a screen shot would be helpful)

SmartOffice Support

SmartOffice Support


Hi Ron

Thank you for answering so quick. The reason is that I will be having a new apple ID and I have bought the application Smart Office 2 at about 12-13 dollars.

I want to still use it through the new apple ID. Will I be able to?

Thank you


Device Iphone 6 - IOS 9
SmartOffice 2 Version 2.3.33
App store - Not sure what you mean


Hi Ricky.

First of all, I need to qualify my remarks by saying that each app store has it’s own rules about licensing, so there is very little we can do from the application side.

It appears that the Apple Store associates acquired apps (purchased or free) with a specific Apple ID account. It also appears that you can have multiple email addresses associated with an Apple ID, and that you can change the primary email address for the Apple ID account to be any of your verified email addresses.

I’m guessing that it would be better to change the original Apple ID account to reflect a different email address, rather than set up a completely new Apple ID account with the different email address.

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