Copy and paste failing between Smartoffice documents


I want to copy or cut and paste an extract from a Smartoffice document into a new Smartoffice document but it does not seem to save on the ‘clipboard’ and some random copy appears instead, such as the email of the last person I emailed or somesuch.
What’s the problem as it’s all within the same programme. I tried pasting the extract into a blank email just to see and the same issue occurs. This has been a problem for some months now.


Hi Sarah.

I’m sorry you are having trouble with SmartOffice.

We are aware of some problems with the interaction of SO2 with the system clipboard, and we’ve got these on our bug list to investigate and improve. Unfortunately, I can’t give you an estimate when the enhancements will be ready for release.

For documentation purposes, and to help us zero in on the exact problem, can you give me some additional details about your device and application?

What device (make and model)?
What operating system version is running?
Which version of SmartOffice 2 is installed?
Where did you acquire SmartOffice 2?

Thank you for contacting us about the clipboard behavior you are experiencing.