Dashboard missing


In the App Store ad it says " the dashboard is The heart of the view for SmartOffice" . I just bought your app and it is missing its heart. I have no page with getting started, help, explore, create, etc. it’s SO# for my iPad .


Hi Jojana.

I’m very sorry you’re having trouble with SO2 for iOS.

The dashboard should be viewable no matter which device and which operating system you have.

Can you tell me which version of iOS you have running on your iPad?

To help me research this, can you describe what you see after you launch the app? (Can you attach or upload a screen shot of what you see?) I’m concerned the app is not successfully loading properly.

One thing you should try is to power down, then restart your device.


SmartOffice Support


One of my colleagues pointed out to me that SmartOffice Plus does not have a dashboard, while SmartOffice 2 does. To get the dashboard you will need to uninstall SO+ and download and install SO2.

I will send you a promo code via private email so that you won’t have to buy SO2.


Thank you so much, will do!
~ jojana