Data removed with upgrade to IOS8.4


Apple tech support upgraded my IPad from IOS6.2 to IOS8.4 to resolve a lock out problem Imwas having on the tablet. Prior to the upgrade a backup was completed as well as a ITunes sync.

completing an ITunes sync after the upgrade did not bring my data back as was told to me by Apple support. Reinstalling from the backup would bring back the lock out issue.

Question - how can I get my data back without installing from the Apple backup?


If you go to the desktop/laptop computer with which you are synching your mobile device, you should see all the files backed up in iTunes. From iTunes on your computer:

Click on Device
Click on Apps
Scroll down to File Sharing (lower part of screen)
Click on SmartOffice 2
You’ll see all the backed up / sync’d files on the right.
Highlight all the files and click SAVE TO.
Save the files to a location on your desktop/laptop computer.

You can transfer the files back to your mobile device via email attachments, or save them to a cloud based storage account that is supported by SO2: Dropbox, Box or Google Drive.

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One of my colleagues alerted me to the fact that the method I described above will only reveal files CURRENTLY on you device. In other words, if the upgrade to iOS 8.4 removed your files, checking your device via iTunes will not help locate your files.

He recommends you restore from your backup (reverting to the previous iOS version), then use iTunes to copy your files onto your computer, then re-upgrade your device to iOS 8.4, then use iTunes to add the files from your computer to your mobile device.

This situation underscores the importance of keeping backups.

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