Documents dropped from


Hi -
My company is using smart office to edit excel docs that are permanently housed on The team are in the field and using iPhones (4s and 5C) to edit the docs. We are having significant issues with the app. Problems include:

  • App is freezing which then deletes the file from both the
    server and the smart office app
  • Smart office pulls the document then
    displays an error message “Cannot view this document”

Please help!



We’ve not seen problems like this. The first stage in us being able to fix it, is to be able to reproduce the problem for ourselves.

Could you share a document with us that shows the problem please?




I’m being told by that you do not have an updated API and our company is now having issues accessing certain office documents through and smartoffice2.

Please advise how to fix this issue. Using Ipad Air.


Lanie (Box Customer Success)
Feb 16, 3:46 PM
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your reply.
It appears that Smart Office is currently using our old API and has not migrated to our new one, which renders it unusable to Box users at this time.
In the meantime, I would suggest using OfficeSuite in editing your files.
Box User Services


Hi Swtilsab,

Sorry to hear you are having problems.

The 2.3.10 release of SmartOffice, released on the 8th January, uses the latest Box API. I have no idea why Box are advising you otherwise, we were in contact them a lot about this release.

Can you advise what version you are using please, or try upgrading to the latest? The version number should be in the bottom left of the launch image.




Hi Swtlisab,

Box support have confirmed to me that they gave you incorrect information.

If you are still seeing issues with the latest build of SmartOffice, please let me know what problem you are seeing.




Hi Jogu. I was waiting to hear back from as this has been an ongoing ticket with their support. I have been told this morning that I need to contact you in order to fix this issue as its only with the one excel file and all the others seem to work. Do you have an email address that I can send you the correspondence with all the details? I rather not upload the file in the forum for security reasons. Please advise.



I work with Joseph at SmartOffice and I will send you a private message so you can send me that problem file.




Hi Swtlisab.

I got your file and discovered an interesting thing. The file name begins with a “#” character which is causing a problem. I uploaded it to box, and had the same difficulty opening the file as you reported. I changed the file name by removing the leading # and the file opened fine and behaved normally.

We’ll add this item to our bug list and try to make sure this character is acceptable for file names in future releases. In the meantime, if you will avoid using this character, your files should be fine.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.