Doesn't save to SD even though it save saved OK


Great suite of programs but I’m having a little problem.

Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T800, Android 6.0.1, with 8GB micro SD card, Smart Office 3.0.14(8915).

I can open files (eg .docx) in Smart Office from my Sd card, either by tapping them in “My Files”, or from within Smart Office navigating to then and choosing open.
When I touch “Save” it appears to save BUT the original file is actually unchanged.

If I "Save as " “SD Card” appears within storage and I can navigate to a folder on the SD card and save there. I get the pop up “File save is complete” and an “OK” prompt, BUT! when I look in that folder there is no new file.

I know later versions of Android are a mess re SD cards but you seem to have it so nearly working I wonder if you have any suggestions to help me get it working all the way.

Thanks again for a great program


This is happen when you face some internet issue thats why you need to go Netgear Support Number for help, they told you the solution which you want to know.