Downloading Smart Office 2


I’m trying to download your free smart office 2 to my android tablet, but it seems to want to load to my phone. Documentation said it will work on a tablet.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Jrizzo,

It does definitely support tablets in general. Which make/model of tablet are you trying on?


Astro QUEO

It did load to my phone and it works. It might be that’s the problem. its has devices on the screen to select. The tablet does not show even after I sync it.

Thank you


Is there a direct download site?


There’s no direct download site, sorry.

We haven’t excluded any devices in the google play developer console, so it’s possible there is just some property of your device that prevents it running Smart Office. I know some low end HTC apps have problems with their cache partition size that means some larger apps are unavailable, so it could be something similar. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the Astro Queo.


The Astro Queo A921 tablet is not licensed by Google. Therefore this tablet is not compatible with Google Play. We are an American corporation and have to strictly abide to US licensing laws and regulations. Many of our competitors have the Google Play store installed on their tablets without being licensed by Google. This is something we do not do. Your tablet does come with the Amazon Market App, 1Mobile Market App and SlideMe Market App.

Best regards,
Astro Queo Support Team


We have our app available to buy on the Amazon Appstore here:

The free app was only on the Google Play store, so to use version you have already on a tablet you would need to find one that has the Google Play store available.