Edit option in Good Work doen not open document in SmartOffice GD 2


When I want to open in Good Work Docs 1.4 a document with SmartOffice 2 GD the option Share opens the document in SmartOffice but when I use the Option Edit SmartOffice is opened but there is no document when SmartOffice is opened.

Using Andriod version SmartOffice 2 GD 2.3.1


Hi Moize,

Sorry you’re having issues with Good Work and SmartOffice.
There have been some known issues with Good Share and SmartOffice where documents sometimes didn’t open, and we have made some fixes to try to improve the reliability. It is possible you are seeing similar issues with Good Work.

I see you mentioned that this is SmartOffice GD 2.3.1. That is the ‘Good’ appliction version, but there may be different minor version updates in the Google Play store (this versioning mismatch can be confusing but Good recommend that developers avoid changing the Good app version too often)_; we are currently on 2.3.24.
Could you check which version is installed on your device please? You should be able to check either through the ‘Applications’ list in the device settings, or by looking at the bottom left of the SmartOffice splashscreen when you start it up.




The versionnumber on de splashscreen 2.3.24


Thanks Moize,

It looks like you are up-to-date. We’ll investigate and see if we can reproduce the problem.



I have opened also a case(case number: 00263494) with Good. They have investigated it and there reply is that it is not a problem with the Good software.

Could you update about your investigation?


Hi Moize,

Thanks for the update.
I’ll be interested to find out from Good how they came to their conclusion.

We have been testing a new Good SDK and also found this problem when testing the current version of Good Work on android.
It seems there has been an update to the Good Work app since we released our last version, and they have changed the case of the service name they use to call us (it should be “editFile” according to the Good service specification) but they are now calling “editfile” - all lowercase.

We are quite strict in our tests for conformance to the Good specification, so we reject the requests to call this incorrect service name. However, we are very conscious of the issues this may cause to customers so we have a ‘relaxed’ version of our service name validation in testing just now and hope to have an update to SmartOffice very soon to address this issue.

We are following up the issue with Good support.

We will post an update here once the new version is live.
Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.



Hi Moize,

We have been working with Good on the issues with interop, and should have an updated release available very soon now. In the meantime, I can provide you with access to a beta version which you could use to verify that this resolves the issues for you.
If you can drop an email to sos@artifex.com then I’ll send you a link to the beta version.

Best regards,