Emails have a closing problem


Hi. I’ve just found out how to use email on Smartoffice plus. In any document your working on select file then open in and among the apps listed you will find mail. Tap on that and you can send emails though the apple mail app. It sends emails just fine, the only problem is you can’t cancel it and even when you send your mail you still can’t get rid of it. You have to restart the app. It would be nice to have that fixed as Smartoffice plus doesn’t have any email facilities apart from this unlike the cheaper Smartoffice 2.


Hi Robepage,

Apologies for this problem - it is an iOS 8 specific issue that was discussed a bit here:

The version of SO+ with the workaround in is being prepared at the moment.

I’m not aware of any email functionality present in SO2 that isn’t present in SO+; if there is I don’t think it was deliberate! If you let me know what’s missing, I’ll see if we can get it pulled across.