Excel conditional formatting disappears


I use documents with conditional formatting.
On my desktop it works fine. Uploaded tot EXCEL Online it works fine In read only though). In Smartoffice2 it does not work.
Parts of the graphs do not work either (trendlines, secondary axis, legend).
Quite annoying.
Anybody with the same experience?


Hi Jacob,

I think it is possible that some of the features you mention may not currently be supported by Smart Office 2. I think I’d need to check with our experts in this area though.

Would it be okay for you to share an example document that shows some of these problems with us? If so please email it to smartoffice-forum@artifex.com and I’ll raise this issue internally.




Many thanks for providing the sample file!

I’ve logged this problem internally under id 695639. The team’s quite busy just now but our Excel expert should pick it up in due course.