File deleted when saving modifications


Hi all,

I’m working with SmartOffice on iOS for many months with Excel files on Google Drive. Never had any problems. But now a file that I modified (and saved) on July, 25, has disappeared when I wanted to open it today. SmartOffice seems to save a modified file on Google Drive by first deleting it and then by uploading the current file. It now seems that Smart Office deleted the file but did not upload the modified one. In Google Drive details I see the deletion but not the upload. Is there a chance to get the file back, e.g. from a local file?

I cannot understand that SmartOffice deletes and uploads a file instead of renaming the file, uploading the file and when upload was successful delete the renamed file. I’m a sofware developer a would never do a non transacted deletion before the upload …

I hope there is a chance to get the file back …

Any ideas?

Thanks, Oli