Files in ducments Are Lost


Few months ago,I upgraded my ipad2 ISO system to 8.1.1,at the sametime,my smart office was upgraded to smart office 2 automately.Afterthen,when i opened
the smart office 2 app,i found that all the files in ducments are lost.there’s nothing in ducments. Some files are very important.So ,How can i get it back?


Hi Chanad.

I’m very sorry to hear important documents are missing after you updated iOS and SmartOffice versions. Unfortunately, there’s not too much I can do to help you find them.

Before we consider them lost, can you tell me if you made a backup of your device via iTunes or iCloud? I am not an expert in iPad, or iClound, or iTunes, but if the documents are no longer on your device, the only hope for recovery would be to look to a backup.

There is one other possibility. What version of SmartOffice you were running when you updated? If you were running the original version of SmartOffice, there may now be two versions of SmartOffice (SO and SO2) on your device. The documents may not have migrated from old to new and would still be accessable from the old app.

I would also be interested to know what version of iOS you were running when you updated.


Ok,thanks for your repling.And i’m sad to hear that,because some important temporary files have’t made any backup,meanwhile,just few of it have been made on my PC hard disk,and the few of it were transferred by data wire.I haven’t made any backup on iTunes or iCloud,because i bought the iPad in 2012,when there hadn’t iCloud.
I used Smart Office(Chinese vision) about from February 2013.Maybe this
vision is the fist vision from you.So,i just hope you will transfer the files to my email if you have mad any backup,all right ?And my email is .Thank you.


I’m sorry Chanad, but it appears your document files are lost.

SmartOffice is a local application that runs on your mobile device. Documents can be stored on your local device, or stored on a web based file storage system such as dropbox, or google drive. Using such a web based file storage system is user specific. When you create and save documents in SmartOffice, there is no central SmartOffice server to which documents are written for all users.

I’m sorry I can’t help you recover your files.



Ok,i got it .Thank you all the same.