How do I report a bug?


First, search to see whether there is already a topic reporting the same problem. If there is (and it hasn’t been closed) just add your information to that topic.

Otherwise, create a new topic and post your information there. If you’re not sure if your bug is the same, then create a new topic.

Please do not add new bugs onto the bottom of old ones - this just makes it hard for us to track them, and your bug may get missed or ignored. If you have more than one problem, make more than one bug.

Please do not make new bugs for existing issues - it will not make them get dealt with any faster.

Please do give us all the information you can; your aim should be to give us enough information so that we can reproduce your problems here. If we can’t reproduce your problem, it’s much harder for us to fix it.

In particular please make sure you tell us:

  • What version of the software you are using.
  • Where you bought it.
  • What device you are using (and what version of Android/iOS etc it is running).
  • Step by step instructions for us to be able to reproduce the problem.
  • If the problem happens with a particular file, then please give us a copy of that file.

We cannot promise to reply to every post, but we will read them all and act on them as best we can.