How To Create A New Power Point Document That Really Is Blank


I use SmartOffice Plus on my mini iPad and phone. I mainly use Power Point presentations and need to add pictures and use text boxes which need to be in different positions. I find the new documents PPTX blank presentations quite annoying because they are already set up with title in position and 5 bullet points where you are expected to place your text on every page. I don’t like these because they limit your movement since they are far less flexible than text boxes as you can only place them where there is a cursor. These can be deleted and replaced by text boxes but when you save them close them and come back you have in large print on every page you use ‘Select this paragraph’ right across your work. You can delete it but every time you come back after closing it will be there. In order to get a perfectly blank document you have to save a SmartOffice blank presentation in My Documents, then copy it to your computer, which I do via Box and open it in Power Point. You can then delete every thing on it, titles bullet points and all, then save it back to box. When you down load it back into My Documents in SmartOffice you will have a blank template which is perfectly useable. By the way, if you do want a clean blank document please don’t think you can upload a blank Power Point document originating from your computer, it won’t work. You will find that if you do that and try to paste text into a text box it looks fine till you save, close and reopen the document, because you will find your text has totally disappeared. Hope this is helpful till these things get sorted out.


Hi Robepage,

That’s a very useful tip - many thanks for sharing it!

I’ve raised an internal ticket about the text getting lost, 695399.




Hi Jogu, actually, I’ve also found that if I use one of the already prepared Power Point templates in SmartOffice, I can delete every thing off that and and it seems fine. This is a more convenient way to get a blank document rather than having to swap it to a computer. The problems just seem to be with the blank documents. I would appreciate it if you could look into the text disappearing as you say and also add a truly blank document for people like me who really need that. Many thanks for your response.