How to get Access Key for SmartOffice for Good


Where do i get my access key to start using smart office

Activation key after creating the account
"Invalid application license. Try again with networking enabled"


I think you have downloaded SmartOffice for Good?

The SmartOffice for Good application is for business customers who already have a Good Dynamics server installed in their company. It is a major enterprise installation, and not suitable for individuals. The application does not work without a connection to a Good Dynamics server.

If you are an individual or your company does not have Good Dynamics, please purchase SmartOffice 2 from the app store:

If you already have a Good Dynamics server, you will be able to generate a key using it. Please check the instructions for the server. Afterwards you can read the user guide for SmartOffice for Good:

If you work for a large company and wish to install Good Dynamics, please visit

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