How to open and save the ppt with passwords in smart office 2


My overseas colleague sent me an ppt in pptx format with password. And he also told me the passwords. I converted the pptx format to ppt format. When I open and want to save the ppt with ppt format into Smart office 2, I cannot do it. Smart office 2 pop up a message and saying the file is protected by password. But I can only press “confirm” and cannot see and save the ppt in smart office 2.

How I can save the ppt into smart office 2 in order to make presentation on my iPad.

Caro Chan



I’m sorry you are having trouble with SO2.

In SO2 it is not possible to open password protected Word DOC, Excel XLS, or PowerPoint PPT files. You can open password protected Word DOCX, Excel XLSX or PowerPoint PPTX files in SO2, but if you make any edits and save the file, the password protection will be disabled.

Support for opening password and working with password protected MS Office documents is something we are definitely looking at for the future, particularly for the xml formats (docx/xlsx/pptx).

Thank you for using the SmartOffice forum.

SmartOffice Support


In the meantime, to open password protected DOC, XLS and PPT files in SO2, you must remove the password with a desktop version of MS Office before opening the file on your mobile device. In case you are unaware about how to do that:

(From Office 2007)
Open the file in Word, Excel or PowerPoint
From the Home button (top left of quick access toolbar) select PREPARE - Encrypt Document
In the popup Encrypt Document window, remove the password
Click OK