I can not see Japanese even in menus


I have Smart Office 2 on my Andoroid Tablet but it does not show any Japanese characters at all even in menus so that I can do nothing with it. Besides, I can not input Japanese ( can not activate input mode).
It shows awkward square shapes insted of lettrs or characters.
It seems you have same problem with other Far Eastern Languages, Chinese and Korean.
Tell me how to solve this problem.


Hi Celliphe,

Sorry to hear you’re having this problem. I’d like to investigate this.

Can you please tell me:

i) the make of your Android tablet
ii) the model name of your Android table
iii) exactly which version of Android it is running (eg. 4.4, 5.0)?




Hi Jogu,

I can not find the maker’s name on its package nor on itself. It seems made in China or Korea.
And the other items you might need are below;
Model name: t10n (or ALW-K1033)
CPU: Allwinner A33, Cortex A7 Quad core, 1.3GHz;
GPU: Mali-400 MP2
OS:Android 4.4.2
Kernel: 3.4.67

I hope these will help you.
Thank you.



Thanks Celliphe.

Also, I forgot to ask, do you know what version of SmartOffice you are using or where you got it from? eg. Google Play, Amazon App Store, etc?


Hi Jogu

Its version is 2.1.4, and it was pre-installed on purchase.




I have the same problem.
Hardware: Nexus 7 2013, 32gb
Andriod 5.0.1
kernal 3.4.0-g154bef4
build LRX22C

App is installed thru google play.

App ver: i8210 2.3.10


Hi Vanquish,

Do you have the same problem with Japanese? Chinese or Korean?
Or any other language?



Almost all the characters on the main menu are #$%&口 if you know what I mean.


Exactly the same.

And I saw many comments like this posted by Japanese people on Goolge Play page.


Hi Celliphe,

Thank you for the additional information. Unfortunately I’m not sure we can help much further on this one - any updates to the pre-installed version of the app would need to be provided by the tablet manufacturer, so I would recommend you contact them.

So long as the DroidSansFallback font is present the latest version from the Google Play store should support Japanese fonts correctly if you are able to install it, but we don’t have access to that tablet to verify this. (The deal for this tablet was done before Artifex purchased SmartOffice I believe, so we know very little about it.)


Hi Vanquish,

Many thanks for all the details. We’ll investigate this.


Hi Vanquish,

I can see a problem on our nexus 5. Japanese isn’t working right in the menus, but it does seem okay in documents to me.

One of my colleagues is going to investigate the menu issue further.


Thank you. I hope you can solve this and I can uninstall the other office applications.

Keep up the good work!


Hi Jogu,

Thank you for the reply.
You should read another comment from me that there are many critical commens on Google play site about this application, which means “pre-installed or not” is not the matter at all.

I really hope that you will find the way to solve this problem.

Thank you.



We have a fix for the issue that stops Japanese text being displayed on Android 5 devices. This will be in the next Google Play release, which I think will be sometime in the next month.