"Invalid application license. Try again with networking enabled"


about 50% of the time I get the message “Invalid application license. Try again with networking enabled” when I try and open a document.

Happens on both my Samsung S5 and Android tablet.

Been hunting for the error on various forums, but not yet been able to track down a solution. It is a big problem when I am on customer sites and need to view files and can’t. Started happening a couple of months ago.

Tablet nearly always has connection to the outside world. The tablet is rarely on WiFi as it not always available.

Any ideas anyone?


Check this post:



I did purchase smartoffice from the app store some time ago.
I re-installed it on my new phone in September.

We do not use “good”.


Where did you buy your copy of SmartOffice? Google Play? Samsung Appstore? or somewhere else?


It was Google Play.

Don C


Don, can you give us the issue and version numbers off the splash screen you see on launch? It’s located in the lower left corner of the screen when you start the application. It goes by pretty fast, but you’ll be able to see the source (Google Play) and a number with two components: the four digit issue (iXXXX) and the three part version number (X.X.XX). Thanks.


GooglePlay i8210 2.3.10


Thank you for the source/issue/version detail.

Can you tell us what type of documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) and where they are stored (Local, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive)?


Word .doc and .docx. Local on flash card.


Thanks, Don.

We’re getting closer. Can you tell us exactly which device models you are using, and the version of Android OS on each? Also, do you have more than one google account to which you are connecting from these devices?


Samsung S 5 on Android 5

Sumvision Voyager II on Android 4.1

Both use the same google account.


Hi Don.

The engineers report this seems to be a problem with Google Play not caching things for as long as we’d like. We’ll try to address this in the next version by extending the length of time the license is cached.

I’m sorry I can’t give you an expected date for the next release.



My guess was that some form of checking to Google Play was the issue.

The problem with the tablet is that I often just put documents on an SD card and use the tablet to read them when I am on client site or away from the office where I do not have access to a network. So I may hit similar issues in the future when I do not access Google for a while.


Hi Don.

I was able to replicate your experience this morning. Without a network connection to Google Play, the Android tablet could not launch SmartOffice2.

However, if I launched SO2 with the device connected to the network (so the license could be validated), after leaving the network, SO2 continues to launch. I will continue to test throughout the day today, but we think the validation will last 24 hours.

As a work around until we can extend the license lease time I would recommend that you launch SO2 at the start of your day before leaving the network. That might allow you to launch SO2 successfully when you are on the road.



Hi Don.

I just verified that the license “lease” between the Android device and Google Play is 24 hours.

After launching SO2 yesterday with a network connection about this time of day, I shut off WiFi on my device and continued to successfully launch SO2 during the day and evening hours yesterday, and again this morning. The 24 hour mark passed a few minutes ago and I got the message again.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll try to extend the license duration, but I can’t estimate when that will occur.



Thank you for new version.

It edit very well.
But I have a problem. I did not have internet access in my place at all. But the app ask every day (24h) for connect to internet for check license and if not it didn’t open. This behavior is useless for me. In older version it work without internet without problem.

What can I do it work offline always?


Hello Userb.

I’m sorry, but the SO2 license must be validated periodically by Google Play. We have this as an open item to address, but I cannot give you an estimate on the time required for an update to the way the licensing works with Google Play.

SmartOffice Support


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Thank you for letting us know you are having trouble with SmartOffice 2 away from the network. It would be helpful if you could provide some details:

Device (make and model)
Operating System version
SmartOffice 2 version
App Store where SO2 was obtained


SmartOffice Support