"Invalid application license. Try again with networking enabled"



We have a group of 350 company Android tablets which are not allowed to access the Google Play Store by policy.
They are managed through a MobileIron MDM server, and they can however download a set of authorized applications through our MDM private store.

I am considering using Smart Office 2 as the main office editor on those tablets, but as they can’t access the Play Store, they run into the very same error : “Invalid application license…”.

Is there a way I could get Smart Office 2 to work in such an environment ?
Would that be possible to provide an apk file outside of the Play Store ? Even at a cost?




Hi Arnaud,

Thanks for your message - this is absolutely something we can help with (in fact a big part of Artifex’s business is exactly this). I’ve passed your message to the right person within Artifex and they will get back to you via email.