iPhone 6 plus and keyboard arrows


Hi. On iOS 8 and iPhone 6 plus the cursor keys (left and right) available on the apple stock keyboard seem to not function at all inside smart office2. Is a bug?
Thanks for the reply.


Hi Pluto,

This sounds like a bug, thanks for reporting it. I think Apple must be sending through different key codes for these than they do for the left/right buttons on the external Apple keyboard - I’ve raised this internally under id 695725.



I mean with the internal Ios 8 keyboard for iPhone 6 plus in landscape mode (where there are the two “arrows buttons” to move the cursor left and right). So do you have zero problem with this?
I do not intend with an external keyboard.



We’ve had a chance to investigate this now and it seems to be a bug in the iOS operating system; it is not sending the correct UIKeyCommand events for those two keys.

We have a very involved rewrite of the keyboard handling planned on our roadmap, which I think may also “fix” this issue, but we don’t have a planned date for that work at the moment.

I may also try reporting the bug to Apple, but unfortunately I wouldn’t expect they would fix it quickly. Sorry I don’t have any better news, if it had turned out to be a simple fix we would have done it!