Licensing and switching devices


As a new user to the iOS version, let me say that the interface for SmartOffice 2.4x looks great. My question is regarding my previous account. I started using Smartoffice way back in 2008/9 on the Blackberry Playbook (still working but a bit old in the tooth). After using the trial version I bought the full version. Subsequently I was able to use it on my Blackberry 10 device.
Lately BB10 seems to be in retreat, and recently I was gifted an iOS tablet and for uniformity will likely replace my 3 yr old BB10 handset. In fact I am using the android version of SO2 on that handset now.

Is there a chance that I would be able to download and activate the new iOS version on my device as an upgrade or must I purchase a new version? As powerful as it is, I’m not sure the cost is feasible (~$14.00 here in Canada) at this time. My wife managed to get it through Appsgonefree and this is how I know this is still a great (okay, better!) product since the latest transition to Artifax from Picsel.




Hi Steve.

Thanks for contacting us. I’m glad to hear you are a long time user and happy with the improvements we’ve made.

Unfortunately, our iOS version through the Apple Store costs $10 US. Once you buy it, you will be entitled to subsequent upgrades. We have many new and/or improved features coming out this year.

FYI - We have been debating moving to a pricing new model (offering a basic free app with an in-app paid upgrade for advanced features) but we have not decided if that’s the way we want to go. If we do decide to make a change, I can’t predict when that will happen.

Hope this information helps with your decision(s).

SmartOffice Support


Hi, Ron

Thanks for the quick response. That’s about what I expected - unfortunately Apple doesn’t let you download and then check to see if you have a registration number.

I’ll keep an eye out just in case of a deal for now. One useful feature if not yet in place would be Airplay/Chromecast capability.

Thanks again.