Lost documents in smart office 2


I have changed my iPad. In transferring everything, my Smaer Office 2 is I. The menu but all my documents appear to,have gone. Help !!!


Hi Vineyaa.

I’m sorry to hear you may have lost documents. Can you give me some additional information about your situation?

What file types are missing? (Word? Excel? others?)
Were the documents stored on your device, or on dropbox or box, or different places?
Do you have the most recent version of SmartOffice 2 (2.3.10) installed?
What technique did you use to migrate your files from old device to new device?

Any additional information you can offer might give us a clue about where to look for your files.

Thank you.



Hi Vineyaa.

I received your reply via email and wanted to respond here because the issue may be of interest to others.

When you backed up your old device to your iCloud account, I would have presumed that when you connected the new device to your iCloud account, the files would have been placed into the proper location on the new device.

Unfortunately, I can’t diagnose what might have gone wrong with the backup/restore process. I do have some additional questions for you.

Do you still have the old iPad? If so, are the files still there?

If the files still exist perhaps we can try to synch the two devices again via iCloud, or try some other measure to move files from old to new.

Sorry I’m not able to issue a more definitive explanation (yet).



Hi Vineyaa.

I received your reply via email. I can’t really address what went wrong with the iCloud synch between your old and new iPad. Given that only some of the applications migrated, and they along with the SmartOffice documents are now on neither the old or new iPad, I’m afraid the documents are lost.