Lost the most Updated version of document


while working on a word document and kept saving changes, the screen blacks out every now and then with the latest version lost. Please help.


Hi Anna.

I’m sorry you are having this problem. If you are regularly saving your work, nothing should be lost. To get to the bottom of this, can you supply additional information:

What device make and model?
What operating system & version?
What version of SmartOffice2?
Where did you acquire SmartOffice2?
Where are your documents stored (Box, Dropbox, Google Docs or locally)?

Any information you can supply will be helpful.

Thank you.

SmartOffice Support


Device that I use is ipad2, version 8.2 (12D508), model MD368ZP/A.
The version of SmartOffice2 is 2.3.16.
I acquired SmartOffice via Apple Store.
Do not know where my document is stored, presume that it is locally within my iPad. I do open it in Dropbox such that I could view my document from my pc.

I first found that SmartOffice would blackout suddenly after writing for a few minutes. Thereafter I kept pressing ‘save’ frequently. I then found that even if I pressed the ‘save’ button it did not provide me my latest version of document! I started to use the ‘save as’ function, it seemed working the same as ‘save’ - not reliable. I sent you my question when I found that after working some 4 hours kept frequently saving my work, a blackout happened & I could only see from the timeline the version of yesterday (10 hours ago) which astonished me! FYI there are 5 pages in my document & is building up to many more pages. I hope you could help to rectify the situation for SmartOffice2 to be useful to me. Thank you.


Hi Anna.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t reproduce the problem you are having. A document I have in dropbox can be opened, edited, saved and reopened normally. Even when I allow my device to power down, the file behaves as expected.

I wonder if the problem lies with the document. Would you mind sending me a copy? I will contact you via email off the forum to give you an address to use so you don’t have to publish the document on the forum.

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Anna sent me a copy of one of her problem documents off line, and her document was composed in Chinese. We have heard that many problems with Chinese Language characters were remedied by upgrading to iOS 8.3. After making the upgrade, working with sample documents, and exploring the workflow process, Anna and I concluded:

  1. the device crashes were independent of SmartOffice2 as they happened whether or not SmartOffice2 was running.

  2. Lost document edits were occurring with Chinese Traditional language documents when the document type was *.doc, but did not occur when the document type was *.docx