Mail not closing after sending Smart office document


After doing a software update to IOS 8, if I send a mail from smart office, it does not close and can also not be closed manually. Have to double click on button and swipe to get rid of mail screen. Must then open smart office all over again.


I am also having this exact same problem, although I haven’t tried sending mail directly from the SmartOffice app but have saved to my drafts folder. I have then had to close and restart the app to continue.


Hi Andre,

Apologies for the delay in replying to you. I was able to reproduce this issue on my iPad. It should be fairly easy to fix, I hope we can release a fixed version onto the app store in a few weeks time.

We have a program where we give people access to a beta release of the software (via the testflight service, ) around 2 weeks or so before it is available on the App Store. If yourself (or moominstone) would like to join this program please let me know.




I have the same issue and noticed 2 issues with email sharing.

  1. There’s no confirmation after tapping the Send button. I thought it didn’t respond so I tapped Send a few more times and it actually sent 4 times before realizing it indeed sent the first time.

  2. The email share pop up box persists after sending the file. I cannot dismiss the email share window once it appears, with or without having sent the email. Like the others have said, have to force close the app and restart in order to clear the email.

This happens whether file is opened from timeline or explore.

Thanks for your help! This is still the best document editing app for iOS.


I have exactly same problem as cannot send document by mail ( it does send) because it stays on screen and also same problem when sending to dropbox. this changed last week for some reason so updated apps today but with no improvement. This causes real problems as i use these apps my for service reports on a daily basis.
Any ideas
regards malcolm


Same problem here… End up sending 25 email… Hmmm…


Hi all,

Apologies for this. This seems to be caused by a bug in iOS 8. We are working on a fix but there’s one more change we need to get in before we can submit to the App Store for review. I’ll post an update when we submit to Apple.




Hi all,

This bug is fixed in the release 2.3.5 release of Smart Office 2, which is now available on the app store.

Emails have a closing problem