Need to transfer my Artifex Smart Office 2 from Android to iPhone 5s


Can I transfer my Artifex Smart Office 2 software from my Android phone to my iPhone 5s?


Unfortunately, you must acquire a new version of SO2 application from the Apple iTunes store. It is not possible to move the Android app to an iOS device.

With regard to any files you may have saved on your Android device, you’ll have to physically move them to a cloud location or to a desktop/laptop computer, and then transfer them to your iPhone.

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I don’t know wether it can or not, maybe you can try mobile transfer tool. It can transfer data like apps, musics, photos, etc from one phone to another one.


No matter what data you want to transfer among android and iPhone ,like messages ,contacts,photos,videos,files ,app and more , you can easy complete this task with the help of transfer tools, you are required to install a transfer tools on the phone, and connect ypur two phone to the computer , in this way ,the two phone and computer can be synchronous operation ,so you can select data of phone on the computer, the last , start to transfer them to the iPhone ,with its help , i have succeed transfer messages to iPhone,


In fact, it is difficult to transfer data from Android to iPhone since Android smartphone and iPhone are running different operating systems. Commonly, you just need to use iCloud to transfer your contacts between two iPhones. But if you want to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone, you may need to use a phone to phone data transfer to help.


To transfer data from Android to iPhone , Mobile Phone Transfer Software will offers you the easiest way for you, which is able to directly transfer data from Android to iPhone at ease,whether they are the same operating systems or different!


To be honest, I have no idea how to transfer office file from Android to iPhone. The more as I know in this topic is about iPhone data recovery.How to recover lost or deleted iPhone files to computer, then transfer to other devices. If you are interested in knowing more about iPhone data recovery tips, maybe you tip is helpful to you.


If you want to Need to transfer my Artifex Smart Office 2 from Android to iPhone 5s then you must have follow some simple and quick tips which will you found Norton Customer Care here they can told you how to sort out it.