New iOS SmartOffice for Good release: V2.3.22


Hi all,

We just released a new version of SmartOffice for Good, V2.3.22. Improvements are:

  • Support for opening password protected/encrypted docx/xmlx/pptx files (if these documents are edited the password protection will be removed; support for saving encrypted documents will be coming in a future release)
  • Implemented the Excel MIRR and MATCH functions
  • Good SDK upgraded to version 1.11.4382 (iOS 7 or higher is now required)
  • Optimised for 64bit devices

and some bug fixes:

  • crash when using Good edit-file service
  • Chinese font issues on iOS 8.1 / 8.2
  • encoding issue with old .doc files authored on a Mac
  • an MSWord save corruption bug
  • color problems with fax encoded imagemasks in PDF.
  • PDF images going missing when exactly overlaid on previous ones.
  • cases where PDF document load can die due to image problems.
  • encrypted PDFs with unencrypted metadata