New release: Smart Office 2.3.1 for iOS


Hi all,

SmartOffice 2 and Smart Office Plus version 2.3.1 are now available on the iOS App Store.

Here’s a summary of some of the changes:

• Far Eastern fonts (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc) are now working on iOS 8
• If you switch away from Smart Office whilst editing a document, we’ll now automatically save your changes
• Scatter charts are now supported
• Lots of improvements to fix minor layout issues in Office file types
• Fixes for a number of cases where ‘Save As’ could fail
• Several fixes for PDF annotations
• Support for JBIG2 images, so you don’t see missing images in PDFs anymore.

as well as lots of fixes for crashes.

If you like the app, we’d love it if you could leave us a review in the app store. (If you don’t like it or come across a bug, please post on the forum and let us know why not! We’ll do our best to help you.)