New Release: Smart Office 2.3.3 for Android!


Hi folks,

Many thanks for all the feedback - we’ve fixed lots of bugs since version 2.1.27 and have a new release on the Google Play store now, with updates to follow for the Samsung and Amazon app stores.

Changes since version 2.1.27 include:
• Scatter charts are now supported
• Fix for missing asian characters on some devices
• Lots of fixes for minor layout issues in Office file types
• Fixes for a number of cases where ‘Save As’ could fail
• Several fixes for PDF annotations
• Support for JBIG2 image in PDF

as well as lots of fixes for crashes.

If you like the app, we’d love it if you could leave us a review in
the app store. (If you don’t like it or come across a bug, please post
on the forum and let us know why not! We’ll do our best to help you.)