New release: Smart Office 2.3.5 for iOS


Hi all,

SmartOffice 2 version 2.3.5 has just been released on the iOS app store. Changes since version 2.3.1 include:

• Optimised for iPhone 6 / 6+
• Wingdings, Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3 fonts are now included, so Office documents match even more closely with Microsoft Office.
• Email sending window now dismisses correctly on iOS 8
• Fix an issue that could cause the app to exit when in the background
• Various minor improvements / bugs fixes

If you see any problems, please let us know!


Hello I have a question. I update my app smartoffice 2 with the latest update in the app store.

But now I only see documents on the openings screen. If I scrol the screen goes down for 2 more files.
I have mutch more files stored but I can not access them.

Who can help me to solve this problem?




Hi Simon,

Sorry to hear you’re having this problem.

I’ve tested this on a few devices here and can’t see to reproduce this problem. Can you share any more details that might help me reproduce it please? eg. which version of iOS, which device you’re using, is it local files or from a cloud provider?




Hello Jogu,

I’m usuing IOS 8.1.

When I open SmartOffice I can create a new document, select to save it, enter and then the program freezes. I get the dark blue backgroud with on top what apears like 2 ligth beams en on the bottom a kind of small with cloud.

In the time line I also see my old file names. The moment I click on them I get the message : Can not open/dusplay this document

I hope this informations helps you to find out what the bugs is and how this problem can be solved.

Waithing for your replay



Many thanks for the extra details Simon. Can you also let me know which device you’re using (e.g. “iPad 4th gen”), and where you are trying to save the file to / where your files are stored? (e.g. ‘local storage’, ‘dropbox’, ‘google docs’, …)?



jogu, I’m saving to my documents. And I use a Ipad 3.


Jogu, Is there any solution for this problem? Is there a way a can re-install an previous version without losing my files? Hope to hear from you.


Just a thought: when you connect your iPad to a PC or Mac, can you see all your files from iTunes. If so, you could copy then all safely to your PC or Mac. Then you would be free to Uninstall and reinstall Smart Office. You could after copy back your files using iTunes.


Hi Simon,

Apologies for the delay in responding. We’ve not been able to reproduce this here, nor have we had any other users suffer the same issues - so my suspicion at this point is that something has somehow got corrupted in your installation.

I think the next thing to try would be to reinstall the application on your device, as this will clear out any corruption. To avoid any data loss, you need a PC/Mac to do this:

  1. Use iTunes to copy all your documents off the devices to your PC/Mac - do this the usual iOS way (eg. )

  2. Delete the SmartOffice application from your device. This will delete all your documents. (hence why we copied them in step 1.)

  3. Install SmartOffice from the App Store (search for ‘SmartOffice 2’, then click the arrow/cloud symbol). As long as you use the same app store account that you originally purchased SmartOffice with you will not be charged for this.

  4. Do the reverse of step 2 to copy the documents from your PC/Mac back onto your device.

Hopefully that should sort everything out. Please let us know how you get on.





Thank you very much for your response and your advice how to re-install the program and backing up my files.

I followed your instructions and I solved the problem. Smart Office 2 is working correct again.


Wurz, thank you also for your reply and helpful answer tot this problem.