New release: SmartOffice 2.3.16 for iOS


Hi all,

We’ve just released a new version of SmartOffice 2 on the iOS app store. This contains an important fix for various Far Eastern fonts that stopped working if you upgraded to iOS 8.2.

This release also has full 64bit support, improving the experience on the iPhone 5S, 6 & 6+ and iPad Air & iPad Air 2.

Other changes:

  • Improved font mappings for various far eastern languages
  • Improved Latin fonts
  • Fix some problems with autofit text boxes in Powerpoint
  • Fix Box login crash on iOS 5 / 6 (apologies to those affected!)
  • Speed improvements for glyph substitution within Opentype fonts.
  • Fix intermittent problem with non appearance of new blank pages while editing.
  • Add support for Excel SUMSQ formula.
  • Correct Factorial and Double Factorial calculations of non integers in Excel.
  • Solve various other crashes