New releases: Smart Office & Smart Office+ 2.3.10 for iOS


Hi all,

There are new releases now available on the iOS app store. For any Box users, these are a critical upgrade as Box are switching off the current API that Smart Office users in the immediate future.

The changes are:

As always, please let us know on the forum if you see any issues - - we read all messages and use the feedback to guide our future development.

  • Migrate to new BOX v2 API
  • Update printer libraries; new printer families include BrotherGDI, HPACL and Samsung PL3.
  • Improve RAM usage on iPhone 5/5S/6
  • Improve PDF memory use by optimising clip paths.
  • Attempt to repair broken PDF files.
  • Improve handling of image colorspaces from PDF docs.
  • PDF state machine fix.
  • Fix bidirectional text problems that could cause sections of fragments to be placed back to front.
  • Don’t capitalise first character user types.
  • Fixes for placement of text in art work for OOXML files.
  • Improve emulation of Monotype Sorts glyphs.
  • Plus squash a few crash/lockup bugs