Notices in .pptx files


There is *.pptx file which made by MS PowerPoint with notices inside. When I open this file in MS PowerPoint - I can see the all information (the slides by self and notices), but when I open this document in Smart Office - I could see only the slides - there are no notices at all. So it’s not convinent. Is it possible to see notices in Smart Office or there is access only to slides?


Hi Nikolay.

PowerPoint slide notes are not available in SmartOffice 2 at this time. We have this item on our enhancement list and hope to include this feature in a new release soon.

Unfortunately I cannot predict when slide notes will be available, but please be sure we have this on our list of important features to add to our application.

Thank you for posting your observations here.

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Hi, Ron,

thank’s for the answer. I hope it will happen soon, because except small problems (like this and below) I’m absolutely satisfied your product - I don’t know something better:).

One more question - about new features. I found that if I open MS document which is under security (with password) I just observe the notification about the document has the password, but there is no possibilty to put the password and open the document. Are you going to add this feature as well?

best regards


You’ve noticed a second missing feature.

Password support is also on our list of enhancements to make to SmartOffice 2.

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