Option to keep the keyboard active


If you are working in a long composition is a problem to have to click on the keyboard icon each time that you need to move or click over the text.
If the keyboard button were a kind of ON/OFF would be better for creation.
It is happening (with me, at least) on Android, using Swype keyboard.


Thank you for your enhancement idea.

We are working on a new release and we will consider this item carefully.

For your information, the iOS keyboard works a little differently, appearing each time you tap the document to insert the cursor. As you’ve noticed, the Android keyboard only appears after you insert the cursor and then tap EDIT.

I’m not sure if we’ll try to make the Android keyboard behave more like the iOS keyboard, or if we’ll try to create a keyboard “on/off” toggle for both operating systems as you suggest.

I cannot predict when the next release will be available, but I can assure you we will consider including this item in our next build.

Thank you again for posting an enhancement idea.

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