Out of memory message and file won't save


I received a .doc attachment in an email, 312 kB, opened in Mail then from there opened in Smart Office 2. File is all text, no images.

This produced a warning message in a bar at screen top: yellow disc with exclamation mark saying “Memory full”, but document opened anyway so I can navigate around it from one end to the other.

Trying to Save As (Save not available for some reason) brings an error message at screen bottom: red triangle with exclamation mark saying “Could not save”

This is not the first time I’ve noticed this recently but it didn’t matter before. IPad reports lots of memory free (15.4 GB) and working on latest iOS 8 (not upgrading to 9). I can’t find my SO2 version from instructions found in other messages, but I have applied all SO2 updates offered in AppStore to date.

Suggestions will be gratefully received.


Hi Dennis.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with SmartOffice 2, and I’m glad you contacted us about the problem. Thank you also for letting us know you are running iOS 8, and that you aren’t getting the splash screen on launch.

My suspicion is that the problem is with your document, so I have a few questions for you:

Generally, do other *.doc files behave properly? (Can you create or receive, open, save other documents?)

Does the file name contain special characters? (Personally, I try to keep file names as short as possible, and use only letters, numbers, underscore and hyphen.)

Does the file contents display properly for all pages when open?
Is the document contain one or more language, and which languages(s)?

I have a few suggestions for you to try:

Can you get the document out of the email message and onto your device or cloud storage location, then open (and save) with SO2? (i.e. do not open it from within the email message.)

Can you transfer the document to your computer, save as *.docx, then return the document to your device or cloud storage site, then open (and save) with SO2?

Finally, if none of the ideas work, can you send us a copy of the file for examination? If it contains private information that you do not want to share on the forum, I can email you my address and you can send it to me via email.

Thanks for contacting us.

SmartOffice Support