Possible to freeze panes?


Is there no option to freeze panes in Smart Office 2 or am I just missing it??

Also, when I double tap a cell to add data it opens a page size window. I have to hit done to get back to the spreadsheet and subsequently double tap every single cell I want to add data to. This is VERY tedious!! I’ve used other apps where I can input data and hit return/enter to be taken to the next cell. Is there a way to do this? Am, I missing something again? :-/

AND, I don’t like that every time I tap a cell a shortcut box/menu pops up. Can this new turned off??



Hi Traybae.

Thank you very much for your ideas for enhancing the SO2 with respect to spreadsheet functionality.

We are working on a new version of SO2 which will include a variety of functional spreadsheet improvements. I’ve made sure that your three suggestions are on the list of features to consider adding:

  1. Freeze Panes
  2. Direct In-Cell Editing
  3. Toggle (on/off) popup formatting bar

FYI - we’re planning a two stage version release. First, we’ll be changing the User Interface. Second we will be making functional improvements. Unfortunately, I cannot promise exactly when these versions will be released, or exactly which improvements the releases will include.

Thank you again for your constructive suggestions for improving our product.

SmartOffice Support