PowerPoint Slideshow Mode


We received an inquiry via email and wanted to post the response here on the forum.

Powerpoint Slideshow mode can be launched from two different ways in SmartOffice 2.

The first method is to use the navigation bar that appears at the bottom of the screen AFTER selecting the document from the display of available documents in Visual Explorer. There are six icons in the navigation bar below the document showing in Carosel View:


Choose the slideshow icon to launch the file in slideshow mode.

The second method is to select the document in Visual Explorer, then open the document by tapping a page showing in the Carosel view. Once the document is open, tap VIEW on the top navigation bar, then tap Slideshow.

Once in Slideshow mode, tap the screen to advance to the next slide.

NOTE: When the document is open, the Slideshow button at the far right of the top navigation bar will display all the slides in the document down the right side of the screen.

There is a PDF user guide is avaiable here: